Tested Crew Hits Comic Con….Again….and Again.

Adam and the Tested crew hits comic con two more times.  In a previous link on Comic Con Society, Adam walks the floor as an astronaut, with an actual astronaut.  This time he hits the floor as Judge Dredd in the first video and as the Matrix Twins in the second video.

I love all the Judge Dredds getting together in this video.  The guy at the end didn’t realize who he was taking pictures with until all the photos were done.

While their Matrix Twins costumes were not great, they were still pretty good, IMO.  I guess when you are part of the Tested crew, decent cosplay is pretty bad when you have the ability to make just about anything.  I am not sure why Adam thought they would not be spotted as quick and as often as they were.  He is basically exposed in this cosplay, vs the previous two.

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