Orlando Nerd Fest August 7th – 10th 2015 Winter Park FL

So what is Orlando Nerd Fest?  Well it is a little bit of everything.  I love the vast variety of things happening during the fest.  You want music, they have a ton of it.  Four packed days of DJ’s basically all day, night and into the early morning.  There is a great list of DJs.  Professor Shyguy, MC Chris, Random Encounter, Richie Branson, just to name a few.

You want mummies?  They have them.  Female wrestler?  Check.  Tons of writers, nerd rap, cosplay contest, gaming, anime and movies for basically two solid days.  Literally, they have put everything together that you would find at most cons and even more.

The best way to understand The Orlando Nerd Fest is to check out their website and social media sites.  If I was in the FL area, I would definitely hit it up!  It looks like more of a giant nerd party than a con……..lets do this.

One note to the organizers of Orlando Nerd Fest.  It is not easy to find the dates of your event. It is right on your home page, but off to right and smaller font than the important stuff on your page. Part of the logo as an image would fix that.  😉

Orlando Nerd Fest

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