Comic Con Honolulu July 24th – 26th, 2015

comic con honolulu


Comic Con Honolulu Hawaii is a three day convention.  There online schedule is packed with events.  It is broken down into main events, panels, table top gaming, RPGs, large table games, and videos games for each system.  Check it out here.

Mentioned on their guest list is Khary Randolph, Adam Baldwin, Edward James Olmos, J. August Richards, Gates McFadden, Sean Maher, Mira Furlan and Eric Gray.  In addition to big name television and movie celebs, Comic Con Honolulu will feature local artists and vendors.

For you Cosplayers, they are running a $500 best in showcase cosplay competition.  In their panels list there are several dedicated to all kinds of cosplay.

If you are going to go, get the 3 day membership for only $55.  That is a huge bargain considering each day is $35, $40 and $30, respectively.  $55 for 3 days of comic con….wow!

Enjoy the show for those of you going to Comic Con in paradise.  Send us your cosplay pics and/or videos

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