Boruto Naruto the Move to Debut at New York Comic Con 2015

The Naruto saga continues with Boruto (Naruto’s son) with Sasuke training him. In addition to Naruto’s son the movie will also feature another offspring in Sarada. Sarada is Sasuke’s and Sakura’s daughter.

Naturo Boruto is the 11th movie in the series. It is set to open in US theaters on October 10th which coincides with New York Comic Con. It is also Naruto’s birthday. New York Comic Con is October 8th through the 11th. New York Comic Con is the largest Comic Con in North America and a large anime movie event like Naturo Boruto just makes sense to air at New York Comic Con on opening day.

While there are multiple sources on the internet for this story, I have yet to see anything official from New York Comic Con on it. The only real reference to it being released at New York Comic Con is from Anime Expo earlier this month. For those going to New York Comic Con and especially those looking to see the Boruto movie at New York Comic Con I would keep checking the NY Comic Con 2015 site.

For now enjoy the trailer:

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