Amazing and Unique Steampunk

For those that read Comic Con Society often, know that Steampunk is my personal favorite.  With some big dedicated Steampunk Cons coming up later this year, it is a good time to find custom items to either start or add to your steampunk collection.

Below are some very well made and unique items that are not found off the shelf:

steampunk 73115

This Japanese Lolita Steampunk jumper can be used for anything from steampunk, to Halloween or just a for a fun night out on the town.

steampunk pirate

This one can be used for all kinds of events.  Pirate, steampunk, renaissance festival.  Steampunk pirate anyone?

steampunk cufflinks

Some sick steampunk cuff links.  Could also be used just as some very unique cuff links.

extreme steampunk goggles steampunk goggles

Two different steampunk goggles.  First one would go nice with the pirate dress, or just about any steampunk for that matter.  Front flips up.  Second pair is more conventional steampunk.

steampunk hat mad hatter steampunk unique hat

Finally two handmade steampunk hats.  My favorites I found, one for a woman and one for a man.

So if you have time to make your own steampunk, hopefully these will give you some ideas.  If you just want a unique piece or want to throw together a complete steampunk outfit quickly, then you can always pick up a complete outfit that is still unique.


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