Akaicon 2015 Nashville TN August 7th – 9th

Akaicon’s big appeal is it isn’t a corporate feel convention with all the staff being family or friends.  I would say their model is working.  In only it’s third year, they are already up to a three day show.

The guest list includes; Matthew Mercer (Resident Evil voice actor), Vedetta Marie, Jason Marsden (Transformers and Legend of Korra voice actor), Scott McNeil (Dragonball Z and Ninjago voice actor), Danielle McRae (voice actress), Lauren Landa (Skullgirls, Super Smash Bros and Sailor Moon voice actress) and Marisha Ray (Actress, model and voice actress).

The events list is packed.  Cosplay tournament, fashion show, AMV contest and of course panels.  Three different night events for after the kiddos go to bed keep Akaicon up late and going.  Club Rising Sun, Toonami Lounge and Akaicon After Hours.

If a con goes from one day to a full three day packed event in just a couple of years, it is definitely work the trek to go check it out.

Akaicon 2015

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